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Operations Strategy

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Course Description: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of operations strategy and its pivotal role in achieving operational excellence and competitive advantage. Students will explore concepts, tools, and frameworks that guide effective decision-making in designing and managing operations to align with organizational goals. Course Objectives: By the end of this course, students should be able to: - Comprehend the significance of operations strategy in overall business success. - Analyze various operations strategies and their impact on organizational performance. - Apply operations management techniques to optimize processes and resource allocation. - Formulate and implement strategies for enhancing efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. - Evaluate the influence of technology, globalization, and sustainability on operations strategy. Module 1: Introduction to Operations Strategy Module 2: Strategic Decision-Making in Operations Module 3: Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Module 4: Technology, Globalization, and Sustainability Module 5: Case Studies and Applications Assessment Methods: Quizzes Case Studies Final Exam

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Operations Strategy

Operations Strategy

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