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Introduction to Human Resources Management

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This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and practices of Human Resources Management (HRM). Students will explore topics related to recruitment, employee development, performance management, labor laws, and more, gaining insights into the critical role HRM plays in organizational success. Course Objectives: By the end of this course, students should be able to: - Understand the importance of Human Resources Management in organizations. - Comprehend the key functions and responsibilities of HR professionals. - Apply HRM practices for effective recruitment, development, and management of employees. - Navigate legal and ethical issues within HRM. - Analyze the impact of HR strategies on organizational performance and employee satisfaction. Module 1: Introduction to Human Resources Management Module 2: Recruitment and Employee Development Module 3: Performance Management and Compensation Module 4: Employee Relations and Legal Framework Module 5: Case Studies and Applications Assessment Methods: Quizzes: Testing understanding of concepts. Case Studies: Applying HRM principles to real-world scenarios. Final Exam: Comprehensive assessment of the entire course content.

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Human Resources

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